Durham White House is a group of global individuals and progressives devoted to creating extraordinary experiences for our community. Visionaries at the forefront of hospitality, and entertainment, our lifestyle moments are forged with highly curated and passionate service.

Please contact us for your tailored experience weekend. We can handle the logistics of transportation, food, and activities to fit your needs and desires.

Past Experience weekends at the Durham White House.

1.  Wellness retreats (example: Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Weekend)


Friday: Set intentions
Saturday: Sunrise salutation and yoga. Vegan meals. Out door fire pit integration of intentions and revelations.

2. Movie Weekend.

For model/actress Marta’s birthday, she gathered a group of friends for the weekend. We scripted Friday night, costumed from the extensive costume room at the house and shot Saturday. edited Saturday and Sunday afternoon had a screening of this film:



3. Diorama making weekend.

A group of Mom’s and daughters came to the house to make dioramas
We started by viewing the many dioramas at the house. see:  http://thestevewillis.com/happyplaces
We discussed our goals and desires for the diorama we would be making. Answering questions like “What makes a good diorama?”
Then we went on a “sourcing” trip to local flea markets and brought our materials back to the house to make dioramas.